Wesley Girls’ High School


Wesley Girls’ High school is located in Cape Coast, Ghana.

It is a public secondary/high school established in 1836 by the wife of Methodist Minister Rev. George Wrigley, Harriet Wrigley.  It started with 25 girls as a primary school with the objective of training the students in reading, writing, sewing, house-keeping, and more. It also focuses on the moral and spiritual development of the students. They taught Cathecism and religious education in the school. The school is affiliated to a Wesleyan-Methodist Church.  Its contactc information is:

  • P. O. Box 61
  • Cape Coast, Ghana
  • +233 3321 32218
  • http://www.wesleygirls.edu.gh


The motto of Wesley Girls’ High school is: “Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong and Follow the King”, which emphasizes living morally upright lives, speaking the truth all the time, correcting the wrongs in society, and being obedient to the commandments of the king. The school envisions to produce God-fearing, well-balanced and self-confident individuals who are capable of taking the challenges of a fast-changing world in their stride whilst making the most of every opportunity for self-development and service to mankind. Its mission is to pursue the school vision, with the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ whilst pursuing the creation of a propitious environment for the spiritual and moral development of each student; the placement of a frame work in which each student can develop to the full, talents with which she may be endowed, while respecting those of others; the provisions for students to attainthe highest academic standard; the development of a capacity for quick, reasoned responses to challenges in each student; and, the development of an awareness of her responsibilities to the community and the broader society to which she belongs.


  • Professor D. Florence Dolphyne, First female Pro-vice Chancellor, University of Ghana Legon
  • Dr. Mrs. Rosina Acheampong, First Ghanaian Head of the School and First Female Deputy Director General, G.E.S.
  • REV. Afo Blay, First Female Director General, Ghana Education Service
  • Dr. Mrs. Sylvia Boye, First Female Registrar W.A.E.C.
  • Mrs. Mary Chinery-Hesse, First Female Director of I.L.O.U.N
  • SQ.LDR. Melody Danquah, First Female Pilot of the Air Force
  • Mrs. Irene Duncan-Adanusah, First Female Secretary General of G.N.A.T
  • Mrs. Janet Opoku Acheampong, First Female Director General of I.R.S
  • Dr. Mrs. Effie Hesse, First Female Paediatric Surgeon
  • Mrs. Peace Ayisi Okyere, First Female Executive Director of the  African Development Bank.
  • Mrs. Gladys Asmah, 1st Minister of the Ministry of women & Children’s Affairs
  • Hajia alima Mahama, 2nd Minister of the Ministry of women & Children’s Affairs
  • Mrs. Justice Georgina Wood, First Female Justice of the Chief Republic of Ghana
  • Prof. Naana J. Opoku-Agyeman, First Female Vice Chancellor

Wesley Girls’ High school is named after the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, whose preachings have initiated the modern Methodist movement and the Holiness movement, which encompass numerous denominations across the world. The school taught fortitude, integrity and truthfulness, and other Christian virtues and values.

Wesley Girls’ High school ranked 68th best school in Africa by Africa Almanace at http://www.africaalmanac.com/. The  school has been producing the Best General Art Student, in the 2005 Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSECE) 2006. It has consistently been rank by Serve Africa as one of the top 10 schools in Ghana.

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99 thoughts on “Wesley Girls’ High School

  1. The school is very good and i wil be coming there to continue my education there
    And i am praying that they wil choose me

  2. i would like to have more info about this school because i want my 15yrs old to go there, best regards


  3. priscilla nunoo says:

    wey gey hey for life,edey beeeeeeee k3k3

  4. Asomani-Yeboah Eugenia says:

    i really love this school and it will be my greatest honor if you admit me this year in September

  5. Asomani-Yeboah Eugenia says:

    it is the best school in Ghana. I really love the school

  6. Mrs ivy AMA Adoma Ackah ( Minkah) class of '97 says:

    That is my school, the school that churned out quality ladies who contribute fruitfully to society. My girls will definitely be there after their mummy. Love to all

  7. Esther Nyarkoa Mensah says:

    wey gey hey wil always be e best girls skul in west africa.

  8. ewurama hagan says:

    i would lyk to come 2 dis skuul and help in its regim, sucess and popularity through my achievement and record setting

  9. Hilda Cofie says:

    weygeyhey is the best school and i would love to continue my education there.please choose me for your school God richly bless
    you all.

  10. louisa cobbah says:

    i really love this school expect me there this september

  11. Samuel Berko says:

    I am very proud to have my daughter enrolled in such a wonderful Institution.May God bless the whole staff of wey.gey.hey.especially Mrs.Betty Jokoto, the head mistress.

  12. Ai'shah Wentirim Kante Animashaun says:

    Wesley Girls’ High School, the brainy beauty, the reason why women are educated to serve a whole, nation. We, who went know that gift. All girls i produce in this land will attend that school; just as i did. Wesley Girls’ has made me to be the Refined Substance of a Woman in my lifetime!

  13. Addo-Okyireh Yaa Adobea Owusu says:

    i really love this school. just can,t wit to be admitted this year

  14. eric osei prempeh says:


  15. Eric osei prempeh_PREMPEH COLLEGE says:


  16. I live in the USA I have heard many Great things about your school and I have seen many Great people come form your school. Please keep sending the great minds and souls from your school intothe world. I Pray that many more will pass through your school to learn of what they may become in the worold. I pray that each and every one will be a Blessing to the world…

  17. adamu wahabu says:

    i love dis skull very much
    am santa bt i love wey gey hey than site
    my junior suister will be there in the year 2013


  19. ahiaa give dz schu in terms of entertainment buh charley…sharks paaa oh!

  20. Ludwyn Nana Kofi says:

    Definately the best.Wish it was SANTAGEYHEY.Play up the game gurls.

  21. Salma Sumaila says:

    I really luv dis skuul. I wud be writing BECE in 2013 and Geyhey is my first choice.MAY GOD HELP ME.

  22. Renate di Chaissonette says:

    Am gonna be a Gey Hey girl veeeeeeeeeeeery soon,actually in october… Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. GEY HEY di33 no size oo my sis shall surely come there ok

  24. Maame Awoyoe Kumah says:

    I realy love your school with all my heart and I pray I would be admitted at your school come next year september.I would strive hard and learn so as to get the required marks.Not suprisingly everytime I am on net I visit your school website.Expect me there .


    Let us cal spade by its name so i say maintain this good standard pls hope great my daughter attend yrs 2 com

  26. Nana Fosuah Dadzie says:

    I will like to attend SHS at weygeyhey next year. So please choose me next year.

  27. Maame Awoyoe Kumah says:

    I love your school .

  28. Amy-Nhicolette MhaYah KhoraMey says:

    Awww i even wana cry i love wegehe wid al ma hrt thankx 2o eunice oheneba asiedu hu hlpd mhe increase dat luv it hs been ma dream skul sync i wz in klax 3 n i no ll surly be der wid God ma syd :)

  29. I feel very honoured to be a student of this prestigious institution….I will always be grateful for the wonderful tuition and training I am having in this school. God richly bless Harriet Wrigley, founding mother. All the best to any one hoping to be a part of our great family….always remember prayer changes things.

  30. i hop ill b admited 2 dis schul which i wud by de grace of de almighty GOD.so be expectin mi im gonna bloe ur mind girls so put on ur best behaviour 4 mi.

  31. akua agyepomaa hervie says:

    my 2 friends and i are in love with the school and we are writing bece this june and we hope to get admission

  32. ewurama hagan says:

    i just luv the school i will be comin there next september by the grace of God esp wal-dee gurls

  33. ewurama hagan says:

    compton xpect me too go gey hey go gey hey!!!!! live pure speak true right wrong follow da king go!go!go!go!



  35. Addi Emelia says:

    This school has been my dream school ever since my teacher introduced it to me.I really love this school and immediately i am chosen since i chose it as my first choice, i will really praise the Lord, so help me God.

  36. Akorfa Dawson says:

    I am writing my bece next year and I hope that I’ll get to be a student there. I haven’t even thought of any other school apart from Geyhey. How many marks must I get in my bece to be able to get there? GEYHEY ALL THE WAY.

  37. abigail fuseini says:

    wey gey hey is the place to be , a home and a school. its actually a life transformer.i pray that all ladies get the opportunity to school there at least for just one term to experience the school for themselves.

  38. Maame Awoyoe Kumah says:

    i love the school.

  39. Maame Awoyoe Kumah says:

    oh dear i am really inlove with your school.i have learnt the school anthem and the motto.please admit me to your school or else i will dyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.may the LORD we serve bless our school.AMEN.

  40. Maame Awoyoe Kumah says:

    i anm already there.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  41. Maame Awoyoe Kumah says:

    i am coming there veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy soon.

  42. Michelle Anderson says:

    D weygeyhey i dreamt abt evryday! ooooh God,Tenks! I FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!

  43. Shalom Princess says:

    I know that by God’s grace I would be coming there in 2015 and nothing can stop me from going there. AMEN!

  44. Gloria Aboagye-Attah Lucy Efia says:

    I will really like to come to Wesley Girls and continue my eduction there and I hope I am chosen

  45. kystel otuwa stephens says:

    I LOVE GEYHEY sooo much it has made me who i am today thank you God for a school like geyhey

  46. Auntie Adjeley says:

    Please, has anybody who attended Wesley Girls School ever heard of a teacher (white lady) named Mary Manu who claims to be teaching maths to primary students at Wesley Girls? I have a Canadian friend who is trying to find out if she is legitimate or just another Sakawa artist. Many thanks!

  47. nadia werkbeck spaine says:

    charley we die 4 dem

  48. I love Wesley girls high school and I am coming to that school this year . Ellis house expect me there!

  49. Abena Boahemaa Adusei says:

    Wesley Girls should get ready for me because i am coming there live and colored in October in Jesus name

  50. Effia Asiamah says:

    This school,to me,is the best girls school.I will be writing next year.WEY GEY HEY,be expecting Ephye in Wrigler house November,2015.

  51. Effia Asiamah says:

    Already,I have learnt the hymn and the motto is already a part of my life.If my brother is at Kwabotwe,then Ephye is gonna make it to WEY GEY HEY. AMEN!!!!!
    To all those who are writing in 2015 and want to go to WEY GEY HEY,we are going to get there and also

  52. i love the school. ihave friendz there. unfortunately my parents didn’t allow me choose it. i hope a miracle would happen and i will get my dream skulll.Gey Hey all the waaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    Mi love u mmmuah

  53. please admitt me

  54. Effia Asiedua Asiamah says:

    Imma make it there 2015 and nothing and no one is gonna change my mind..simple…AMEN!!!!!!1

  55. ruth frimpong says:

    that great feeling and esteem you get when others say”really!!!,you are from geyhey?”.This school has shaped me in ways unfathomable and i’m very blessed to have veen a part of the wonderful geyhey experience…#teamWGHSFOREVER# :)

  56. im in luv wid the xkul. i chse it as my frst chse dis yr cuz i was livn der wid my aunt who zz a techr miss veronica osae. expect me there dis yr. luv u all.
    live pure,speak true,right wrong and follow the king. mwwwwaaah

  57. Ackom, Caleb Poku says:

    The school has equitable teachers who help the students to come out with good aggregates

  58. Effia Asiedua Asiamah says:

    I know that in 2015,when girls are being admitted to Wesley Girls’ High School,I will be one of them.No doubt! God is on my side and I know i will make it.AMEN!

  59. Enyonam whyte 13/14 yr group says:

    waldron house I love dat house wey gey hey das d sch I wish for every ghanaian gal to go to experience the discipline n having a good tym with ur headmistress live pure
    Enyonam whyte 13/14 yr group (wal dee ) too legit to quit love u all

  60. Samuel Asare says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Samuel Asare.I am a ghanaian citizen by birth.,I was born and raised in Old Tafo Kumasi.I am living in china for 6 years now. I have a good opportunity that i want to do with your school with the college here.
    Anyone who want to further his or her education can come to china to study here.The fees and courses are affordable and after graduation one can choose to stay here work or elsewhere.I am writing to you to find out if your school might be interested we can come to ghana meet you guys talk about everything and we work out things together.I am looking forward to hear from you soon.Thanks very much

  61. Asiedua Asiamah says:

    I’m going to go to this school no matter what in 2015.The Good Lord has already admitted me and I believe that Wesley Girls’ has done the same.

  62. Asiedua Asiamah says:

    Effia Asiedua Asiamah,Josephine Amoah,Benedicta Louis,Ama Boateng and Ewuradjoa Ansah are making it to Wesley Girls’ in 2015.AMEN!

  63. Effia Asiedua Asiamah says:

    I hope you admit me next year..I really learning hard to make it..LIVE PURE!

  64. Priscilla Owusu says:

    I noe God will make me come 2 weygeyhey…2015..!!!

  65. I wish to attend Wesley girls. I hope and have faith that God will help me and answer my prayers.

  66. Ramibel Rogella irene Quaye says:

    I really luv dis school soo much and am always proud.wey gey hey dey beee k3k3 kwakwakwa( u be too much)

  67. l love this school with all my trust and dreams,and l love to school there in 2016 services basic school;michel camp tema

  68. nana adjoa amissah arthur says:

    me too ever since i was a little girl i dreamed of going to gey hey

  69. Josephine Thompson says:

    I no by there the Grace of God i would be there soon.ALL GEY HEY FUNS SHOULD COME JOIN MHI IN THERE ,IN 2015.

  70. Nana Adjoa Amissah Arthur says:

    Me too i dreamt of going to gey hey and i would be there 2015 awaits mhi.

  71. Josephine Thompson says:

    I no by the grace of God I would be also coming to get hey .Wesly girls awaits mhi 2015 get gey hey lover come join mhi there .

  72. Asare Yeboah Gifty says:

    OMG. look at the school, look at the gals,look at their appearance,look at their intelligence,imagine their beauty n character,real sharks, so adorable. Wow somebody hold me cos i’m fainting cos of the luv i ve 4 d skuul. yea dis is my dream sch. Hyy gals i hd grade 7 in dis 2014 bece oo. NB: science=1, Maths=1 n English=2, plsss n plss admit mi cos it’s my first choice or i will die oooooo. wey gey hey; live pure,speak truth,right wrong n follo d king.gey hey 4ever. Go go gooooooooooooo

  73. clerina oppong says:

    I really like this school and praying u admit me in jesus name,amen.

  74. priscilla Alabi says:

    I know God will make me come 2
    weygeyhey…2015..!!! i love u soooo much

  75. Ewuradjoa Nyamekye Aboo says:

    Wey Gey Hey for life oooooo….dis school be great…u guys should wait for me am coming next year by His Grace:-)

  76. my school

  77. Shalom Princess Dede says:

    Wesley Girls” is the best school in GH…And with all my heart,soul and body,I believe I can go there once God is on my side…Hey Ephye!! We’re gonna make it there in 2015.LIVE PURE
    FOLLOW THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See me there…I have a mission there!!!!!!!!!! 2015!!!!!!!!!!!! GEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN….

  78. wey gey hey all the way wd will be making it by the grace of God. 15th June awaits us all!!!!!!!! Good luck :)

  79. God,you’ve heard my cry. And as I have meted it out to you God,please,help me get the school I have dreamt of since JHS 1. God,the battle is yours! I hand over my place in the school to you. Take absolute control over it,God. This year,I’m going to be there. I already know I am there and I hereby stand on the basis of your word saying “Ask and it shall be given”. God,I thank you for my success. The gate of WGHS is wide open for me, Shalom Princess Dede. I’m walking into it. I’m there!!!!!! In Jesus’ name!!

  80. Mercy Oforiwaa says:

    I very good school for every girl child. The school mold and shapes you into the society. I am grateful to God I went there even though it was not easy for me. But now I am better off. To those who may not be admitted in to the school, never be envious and say negative and bad thing about the school but rather pray that your girl child or a relative will go there one day. That one person can bring a lot of change and prestige to the family. If you see a Gey Hey Girl who is not live up to the standard, then that fellow just pass through the school and not the school pass through her. I never regret going there. I wish all those who will get it the very best and for those who will not, better lack next time. My girls will surely go there.

  81. Shalom Princess Dede says:

    The closer the time gets,the more I’m aware that I am coming to WGHS! In Jesus name.

  82. Mercy Oforiwaa says:

    Amen and I wish all the best.

  83. Indeed Wey Gey hey is the only best girl school in GH.l remember when travelling from KSI to cape coast and l happen to sit beside one gey hey girl.Yes l must say their school motto has really shape them. live pure speak truth right wrong follow the king. God bless wey gey hey.

  84. Lucindah Fry says:

    Wesley Girls’ Senior High School is a great school and I will be there this 2015 by God’s infinite grace. As always, LIVE PURE, SPEAK TRUE, RIGHT WRONG, FOLLOW THE KING!!

  85. Edwina Bonney says:

    I’m short of words.Wesley Girls is my dream school and i hold the conviction that i’ll definitely be among those wonderful girls to be admitted in 2016.# LIVE PURE,SAY TRUE,RIGHT WRONG. AND FOLLOW THE KING

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